Beyoncé and Jay-Z Named Pop’s 1st Billion Dollar Couple

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Jay-Z  and Beyoncé are the epitome of a power couple.

According to International Business Times, the couple is officially worth $1 billion. That’s a lot of money for Blue Ivy to play in.

While the figures are kind of rough, it can’t be too far from the truth because just based on observation, they rock the music industry and Jay is a business savvy man.

Looking at the rough figures, Beyonce will earn about $116 million from the “Mrs. Carter” world tour, and she’s been working lots of advertising, particularly with L’Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M and also Pepsi. Jay’s got deals with Duracell and Budweiser. He also owns the 40/40 Club in New York as well as a portion of the Brooklyn Nets (which will change very soon).

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President Obama Addresses Jay-Z’s Cuba Trip On Today Show

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Jay-Z Obama


This morning, in an interview with The Today Show’s, Savannah Guthrie, President Obama was asked about the whole “The Carter’s Go To Cuba” issue from a few weeks ago when Jay-Z and Beyonce took a trip to Cuba. Given everything the President is dealing with, this question clearly was not his cup of tea to answer!

Take a look below;

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President Obama is dealing with the budget, immigration, gun control, North Korea, the economy, receiving letters laced with ricin,  oh and terrorism in our own American city of Boston.  Maybe it’s safe to assume  he is not superficial enough to care about what Jay-Z and Beyonce have to say or what they are doing right now. Better yet, maybe if you get the opportunity to interview the President Of The United States, you should ask him about the things that concern running…

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé earning $1 billion

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Beyonce & Jay-Z

Photo courtesy Just Jared

Being a Carter is good business as Jay-Z and Beyoncé are now the first billionaire couple ever in pop music.

When combining their incomes, the International Business Times reports that Jay and Bey have hit the $1 billion-mark in their earnings portfolio.

With her lucrative Pepsi deal, her multi-million dollar H&M endorsement and her Mrs Carter Show World Tour (where she stands to rake in $116 million), Beyoncé has already had a stellar year financially speaking–and it’s only April!

Meanwhile, her hubby Hov isn’t doing too bad for himself, either! Selling his ownership share of The Brooklyn Nets and earnings from his 40/40 Club–not to mention sales of his D’usse cognac and the money he stands to make from Roc Nation Sports–may easily recoup the cost of that $4 million island in the Bahamas he supposedly bought.

If that weren’t enough of a win for Jay…

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Lesbianism In Nollywood Is Not Stopping Soon:– Vivian Pius Despite the government’s frown on the illicit affair of same sex, and man praying and fasting to see an end to the sudden surge in lesbianism in Nigeria`s movie industry, one of the actresses in
Nollywood, Vivian Pius, has confessed that lesbianism is a norm in Nollywood that is not going to stop soon. “Lesbianism has come to stay in Nollywood. Though it exists in other industries such as banking, medical and others, that
of Nollywood is more open to the public because of who we are, as a society`s role models. It has come to be seen as a cartel where those who belong to a group find it easier getting movie roles. Some of them can
even make you rich overnight beyond your expectation. Those who are in it and know their onions can tell you better. They get…

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Dove Ad: ‘You’re More Beautiful Than You Think’ (Watch)

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Dove is all the buzz today with the release of its poignant new “Real Beauty Sketches” ad campaign, which points out how women view their physical attributes compared to how others see them.

Dove recruited seven women of different ages and backgrounds and had FBI-trained forensic artist Gil Zamora create composite sketches of them based on descriptions of their own facial features.

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Earlier in the day, the women had been asked to spend time with strangers, though neither party was told why. These strangers were later brought one by one into a room with Zamora and asked to describe the women who had been sketched earlier.

dove shelly
The two resulting drawings of each woman were then hung side-by-side — and the contrast is pretty stark. The tagline of the campaign is: “You are more beautiful than you think.”

Watch below.

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